Tenant Conduct

Building rules prohibit any noise audible from the hallway or adjoining office suites whether created by musical instruments, radios, television sets, group activities or any other source.

Please do not store flammable fluids or any combustible, explosive or chemical substance on your premises.

Please do not use plumbing fixtures for other than their intended purpose. Depositing sweepings, rubbish, paper towels, rags, acids or other substances (particularly coffee grinds) in sinks, toilets, or other plumbing fixtures can result in mechanical damage and repair charges may be incurred.

In an effort to prevent leaks, any tenant installed equipment that has water circulation or is prone to condensation (i.e. water heater, water cooler, condenser pump, supplemental HVAC units, refrigerators, or similar) shall require the use of leak detection technology (i.e. waterbugs).

Space heaters and other equipment that contain heating elements pose serious fire hazards. Not only do space heaters utilize excess electricity which can cause overheating and potentially start a fire, they are taxing on the building’s HVAC systems. For these reasons, tenants are asked to refrain from using such equipment in the building.