Tenant Service Requests and Work Orders

All maintenance and service requests are handled through the building’s dedicated work order system, Angus Anywhere (opens in new window), an online platform designed to help expedite tenant queries and ensure building service calls are handled in a timely manner.

Services provided are listed within the work order system and may include but are not limited to:

  • Temperature adjustments (HVAC)
  • Restroom supply & general cleaning
  • Access card requests
  • Hanging pictures/whiteboards
  • Light bulb replacements

Tenant requests are prioritized by the level of urgency. Your Property Management team aims to acknowledge all requests within one hour of entry in the system, while the time to complete or resolve the request is dependent on the scope of the request. Should any request require immediate attention (i.e. water leaks, medical clean up, etc.) please call the Office of the Building.

Tenant Portal

The Tenant Portal is a customized website for building tenants to find up to date news and information about 353 North Clark. The website is managed by the Office of the Building and is specifically designed to inform Tenants of special events, building procedures, and answer frequently asked questions.


All visitors must be registered through the visitor management system and will be issued a visitor identification card upon arrival.

Users of MyKastle can:

  • Schedule visits
  • View scheduled visits
  • Edit / delete scheduled visits
  • Add/track property removal passes

Visitor badges are issued upon security check-in in the main lobby. Expected visitors can be pre-registered by a tenant employee via MyKastle's web-based registration portal. For access to MyKastle, please speak to your company's facilities or human resources department directly.

Access MyKastle Now - (opens in new window)

For initial set up, please contact the Office of the Building at (312) 445-5200.