Building Procedures

Building Access Cards

Tenants must utilize their access badge to access the building, including after-hours, on weekends and on building observed holidays. To request an access badge, please contact your Facilities or Human Resource Department.

Tenants are responsible for pre-registering visitors. Once the visitor has been entered in MyKastle, lobby security has the ability to check them in and will provide a visitor pass to your guest/visitor. Recurring visitors can scan in using our driver’s license identification check-in located at the main lobby desks.

These guest passes are valid for one day only. Please reference MyKastle section of this handbook.

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All locks must be compatible with the building standard for access in an emergency. If additional locks, bolts, or other mechanical security systems are required on doors, the Office of the Building will be happy to coordinate their installation. Building Management is to be provided with keys or combinations to all such systems.

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Janitorial & Maintenance Services

Standard general office cleaning and periodic perimeter window washing are provided Monday through Friday, except on building observed holidays. Should you have cleaning or trash removal needs beyond the ordinary levels of service, the Office of the Building will be happy to help you coordinate these services. Rubbish or discarded equipment must not be stored in elevator lobbies, corridors or stairwells for even short periods of time. Doing so is a violation of fire codes and building rules and regulations.

Although most services are scheduled for evening and night hours, a small cleaning crew is available during the day to maintain common areas and restrooms. The day time cleaning crew can be available to empty garbage, vacuum, and perform small clean up jobs upon request. These tasks are requested through the Angus System by authorized tenant contacts. The Office of the Building will be happy to assist with any unplanned maintenance needs that may arise.

The Office of the Building and Cleaning Supervisor regularly inspect the premises to ensure a high quality of maintenance. However, should a cleaning related issue arise, please contact the Office of the Building.

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General deliveries are accepted during regular business hours Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Any delivery requiring more than 2 trips up or down the freight elevator or requiring more than 30 minutes on the dock must be coordinated in advance with the Office of the Building to secure a loading dock and freight elevator reservation.

Passenger elevators are designed solely for transporting building tenants and their guests to and from their offices. For this reason, all deliveries - other than small, hand carried objects - are restricted to the loading dock and freight elevator of the building. Individual food deliveries may be made through the main lobby.

Building regulations prohibit all deliveries and inter-floor activities on passenger elevators that require the use of hand-trucks, two or four-wheeled carts, as well as movement of bulky objects regardless of how they are carried.

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During normal business hours, outside messengers may access the building through the loading dock. Once they have arrived at the dock, the building messenger center will intercept all parcels being delivered and bring them directly to your suite.

U.S. Messenger’s office is located on the retail level of the building. Please contact (312) 445-5232 to be connected with the messenger center.

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Parking Garage

The private parking facility located on the lower two levels of the building is not open to transient traffic. For monthly reserved and non-reserved parking please contact your facilities representative. Additional parking is conveniently located adjacent to the building on Kinzie Street at the Greenway Self Park (312) 527-1265 or (opens in new window).

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Authorized/Unauthorized People

The Office of the Building and Security reserve the right to exclude from the Building all persons who do not present a valid building access card or who are not authorized visitors. Tenant shall be responsible for all persons for whom a visitor pass shall be issued at the request of Tenant and shall be liable to the Office of the Building for all acts of such persons.

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Please do not bring pets on premises. Exceptions are made for seeing-eye dogs or conveyances required by physically challenged persons.

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Two bike rooms are located on the retail level and are accessible via Kinzie Street entrances. The Orange bike room is located adjacent to the security office on the loading dock and the Green bike room is located in the retail level corrido. Access to the bike rooms is allowed during building hours only.

All bikers must register in order to park in these areas. Please turn in the Bike Release Form to register your bike with your facilities administrator. Any questions regarding the bike room, please contact the 353 Management Office at (312) 445-5200.

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Common areas

Please do not block the halls, courts, elevators or other public spaces or use them for any purpose other than traveling to and from your offices. This rule includes storage of freight, merchandise, displays or showcases in any common area used by people outside your own firm.

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Outside Services and Vendors

Notice of all outside vendors and contractors performing services within your space (including food catering deliveries) must be provided to the Office of the Building in advance. The Office of the Building will verify insurance is established and streamline the vendor and contractor check-in process with building security. If you are anticipating a third-party vendor or contractor to be on-site, please notify your Facilities or Human Resources Department.

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