Visitor Access

Photo ID Badges

Employees are required to carry an authorized building access badge issued by either 353 North Clark or your respective tenant company. Anyone unable to present this badge will be treated as a visitor and must show a photo ID and obtain a temporary visitor pass for access. To request a building access badge, please have your Facilities or Human Resource Department submit a work order via Angus Anywhere (opens in new window).

The Office of the Building and Security reserve the right to exclude from the Building all persons who do not present a valid building access card or who are not authorized visitors. Tenant shall be responsible for all persons for whom a visitor pass shall be issued at the request of Tenant and shall be liable to the Office of the Building for all acts of such persons.


Visitors are required to present photo identification to lobby security, who will issue a temporary visitor pass ID. Visitor passes must be affixed to an outermost garment.